Saturday, 10 May 2014

The start of a blogging journey

Saturday May 10 th 2014

I've finally managed to join the 'bloggersphere' with a little help from my friends.

While away on an  activity break last year I made a card, came home and bought a card making book in my local craft store.  Barbara Gray had a chapter in it and I fell in love with the stamp she used and the art work and have been completely hooked ever since!

I love the craft and have spent many happy hours since, building up my stamp collection and the paraphernalia necessary to feed my habit.

I have followed Barbara's blog from its inception and marvel at how her expertise has blossomed.
I  hope to post my attempts here as I go along, I can copy designs quite well now but am not so confident with developing my own.
I love the process involved and have recently started getting to grips with the gelli plate.....

I'll be back in a few days.......